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Sanitizing...Are we CLEAN???

Sanitizing...Are we CLEAN???


SANITIZING…Are we clean???

With it being flu season, we have had many client concerns about whether they will be in a sanitized environment or not. I am here to say, we do everything we possibly can to sanitize every nook and cranny.

We take our clients health very seriously. Not only do we care about our clients being healthy, we care about our staff staying healthy. For this to happen, we have bottles of sanitizer in each massage room for our therapists to use. We also have bottles up at the front at each pay station for our clients to use before touching our credit card machine or sign with our pens.

We sanitize each pay station after every client to make sure it is nice and ready for the next person in line.
All light switches and door handles are cleaned after each appointment as well. 

Our guest bathroom has our wonderful Young Living Foam Hand Soap AND a bottle of hand sanitizer to make sure you DEFINITIELY are germ free. We don’t want you leaving with dry hands, so we also have oil and lotion bottles for you to leave nourished and happy.

We diffuse Young Living Thieves at the front counter to try and ward off any lingering germs in the air. Each massage therapist will also wash their hands and sanitize before every appointment. If any of our staff is sick, we encourage them to stay home and rest, rather than work on our clients.

We love keeping our spa as clean and germ free as possible by following all state health regulations!